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For successful sales of their goods or services, each company strives to become recognizable and well-known to the consumers. The very first step in this direction is to develop a corporate identity.
The Prague Design Studio offers its professional services in developing a unique corporate image, identity for your brand.

Concept and key elements of corporate identity:

The task of the designer in developing the corporate image and identity is to create an integrated, holistic image that will organically combine the name (brand name), market positioning, essence, and strategy.

The ideology, basic characteristics, and stylistics of the brand, combined in the right way, give a productive and positive effect in the formation of the corporate identity. The main development, visualization of the corporate identity includes:

Name, brand name. Brand logo
Visual imagery or colour code
Unique graphics
Tasks and functions:

Corporate identity design is intended to be the basis for solving brand tasks.

Brand identification, namely originality, uniqueness, and comprehensibility of perception, will focus the customer’s attention.
The development and sustaining a positive image, therefore, the corporate identity should preach the core values and methods of the company in order to create and sustain a positive image.
We will develop and create a trusting image of your brand. A corporate identity design builds trust in your brand, creating its positive image. The main condition for building consumer’s confidence is that the values of the customer and the company must coincide.
This is creating added value. The importance of creating a positive image of the company is obvious – this is the provision of exceptionally high-quality services and excellent products, the best in the segment. Professional design, logo and corporate identity development will form a conscious willingness for the customer in favor of your brand, regardless of price.
How do we create a corporate identity:

We collect information to create a concept. Customer approval. The brand concept allows you to formulate a general idea of the future brand, its character, uniqueness, target audience, and a set of basic functional features.
Development of the brand identity, logo, and graphic environment, which allows predetermining future graphic solutions, and preparation of the design of the entire accompanying graphic environment of the brand.
Identity components: logo, color, color ratio, font, pattern (if necessary), company documentation, business card, corporate letter, envelope, etc. It all depends on the task.
Carriers of a corporate identity can be: any documentation, corporate cars, signboards, banners, emblems, corporate clothes, any accessories, gift cards, gift sets, tableware, etc.

Cost of works

  • Logo + corporate image, identity: color, font, business card, advertising printing in 2 options
from 350

Logo, identity that includes 5 positions for client’s choice (depending on the brand’s business tasks); website (template); advertising printing; design of two social networks to choose from

from 1,200
  • Logo, logobook, identity: advertising printing, design of social networks, including motion design; website, individually developed design; the addition of payment systems
from 2,600

ogo, logobook, identity: website, individually developed design; unlimited design of social networks; development and design of a mobile app; the addition of payment systems

from 5,000
You can order any website from us. Perhaps you need a website that we have not listed: a car rental website, a catalog website or a news website, a website for a blogger. The website should work efficiently, quickly, be as convenient as possible, and it should also be updated. We work with these principles in mind and use modern frameworks when developing and configuring websites for our customers. The quality indicators of the website, which we will devote a lot of time, are also important. The Prague Web Studio implements effective methods of web development, promotion, adaptability, mobile version for all devices and browsers. Our customers—websites—operate in different parts of the world. First of all, we are distinguished by high-quality settings for a good conversion. We also offer rebranding service. To make order a corporate identity in Prague Design Studio
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