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Do you want to promote your product in the market? Do you want to distinguish a brand from competitors? Or are you launching a new brand and you need to consolidate the target audience of consumers? We will help you!

While you care about the excellent quality of your products, the Prague design bureau will develop the best packaging for your brand, your product! Do you remember that pretty is as pretty does? ...
A consumer, having entered a supermarket, sees rows of shelves with various products in front of him/her and selects a product based on past experience (“Oh, I already tried it!”), on an advertisement seen earlier, or on an interesting, informative, and colorful package. Therefore, the development of the appearance design of the product has acquired great importance in the competition for the attention of the buyer. Entrust it to the professionals.

The best package design is being developed for the front and back of the product, as well as more catchy details are placed on the front to attract the attention of the buyer. Information about the ingredients, method of application, etc. will be printed on the back of the package. The most important information for the customer is better to bring to the front side, namely the name, brand, and illustration. The time-consuming and creative work of the design bureau is to develop the most optimal, creative solution for the design of the product packaging for the customer. The product should necessarily stand out among competitors, attract the attention of buyers and be remembered so that the buyer returns again.

The Prague design bureau team has a solid wealth of knowledge not only in graphic design, drawing, color, but also in marketing, consumer psychology, etc., therefore, the most effective and efficient packaging and label design options will be offered for your product.

The standard job of developing a package or label: obtaining technical specifications, sketches, layout approval, final sketch, and preparation for printing.

We can take control of the printing and the quality of the final result.

Cost of works

CThe basic packaging or label design starts
  • The final price depends on the complexity of the task and the volume of the project.
from 100,00
Our team offers the PACKAGING AND LABEL DESIGN service, which includes: • The corporate color scheme of a manufacturing company; • Recognizable form of packaging, original font of names and inscriptions; • Unique brand name for a company or a product; • Information about the content, promotional offer, etc.
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