Color book “Hetmans of Ukraine”

Development of a concept, illustrations, layout of the coloring book Hetmans of Ukraine. This is the first edition of the history of Hetmanship in a coloring book format, which is especially valuable for its illustrations. The author of this unique project invited all Ukrainians to resume the history of Ukrainian Hetmanship using exemplary figures. The stylist of the image was based on Petrykivka painting—Ukrainian decorative and ornamental folk painting and Vytynanky—a type of Ukrainian folk decorative art.
The illustrations have been created with a deep immersion in the era of that time, historical features, with the preservation of the national code. The main task of the illustrations is to convey the Ukrainian spirit and Cossack flavor.
72 pages, 36 illustrations
The project objective: to create coloring books of Ukrainian production on national-historical themes.
Mission: historical and educational, cultural and spiritual
Audience: schoolchildren, family
It is recommended to use it as additional methodological material for Ukrainian
Schoolchildren of the 6th grade, as well as educational and methodical material in Ukrainian diasporas around the world.