Advertising, graphic design, logo, brand, motion graphics, web design, illustrations, animation, shop window design, wall painting, photo zone.

GRAPHIC DESIGN and design of promotional products. Design for events, printing for events, development of posters, banners, invitations, packaging. Stylish design of any promotional products. Creation of presentations, development of infographics. The design of social networks, Instagram, Facebook. Packaging

BRAND is a number of features that distinguish a brand from the general mass in the market.
Brand in translation means “a symbol that distinguishes a company from its competitors”. Our mission is to develop such a brand in order to provide a bright personality, to increase recognition, to become a leader in its segment, and to attract investors. Brand promotion in Europe

LOGO – is a graphic image as a symbol, sign, emblem which is necessary to create an image, uniqueness, and recognition. Today, an individual logo is necessary for both a blogger and a large company in Europe or beyond. The logo should be individually designed, attractive; it should carry information to the customer, to be readable.

MOTION DESIGN (MOTION GRAPHICS) - a picture in motion—is a new trend in advertising. In order for the brand to work as much as possible, ones use motion design. Modern technologies of visual art will maximize the focus of the customer with the video content, including music-sound and text addition.
Screensavers for the YouTube channel, advertising for bloggers, design of social networks, presentations, and websites—all this and much more is highlighted with the motion design.

ANIMATION - is an advertising and business animation, one of the best marketing ways of advertising. Advantages: animation makes it possible to realize any ideas. Memorable characters—animation characters—are associated with the brand. An animation covers a wider audience. The most difficult ideas look simple. This is the highest level of attractiveness in advertising.

ILLUSTRATION – an advertising illustration carries several functions: it draws the attention of consumers, interprets, transforms, and organizes a customer.
During the design of advertising content, stylish illustrations are becoming more and more fashionable, as they add features to a brand, which means they are remembered. The illustrations are often used in the logo as a character or symbolism, which allows the brand to stand out and to be successful.