Do you produce high-quality goods, but your sales leave much to be desired?

Do you want to dramatically increase the profitability of product sales ahead of the New Year holidays?

Are you planning a promotional sale and are considering an advertising campaign?

So, it is time to pay attention to the packaging of the product, because the appearance of the products forms a potential buyer with a desire to purchase your product or pass by—to a more eloquent and attractive package or jar.
What should be the packaging?

In just 3-7 seconds, when the buyer looks at the supermarket shelf or on the website page, he/she makes a decision on the acquisition, and several criteria play an important role here:
• Originality, brightness, uniqueness. A package should be striking, but at the same time Packaging should be striking, but it should stand out in appearance. When laying out goods on store shelves, goods of one category are usually placed next to each other, so the similarity of images on them is inevitable. That is why it is important to highlight your product with an unusual color, different design, lettering font, etc.
• Reflection of a content. The buyer wants to see exactly what he/she is acquiring—the image of the product itself should be as similar as possible to what a person sees when opening the package, except when the product does not have a particularly presentable appearance, for example, baby puree.
• Eloquent names and descriptions. A clear, legible font, clearly visible labels on the product, and a couple of capacious words about the content of the jar will help the buyer make a choice in favor of your product.
• Information about stocks. This aspect is especially popular before the holidays—New Year’s day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. Promotional discounts on your product should be clearly visible, and the introduction of new graphic elements in the packaging design will increase the interest in the product on the part of buyers. For example, together with a bear that feasts on honey, you can portray a cheerful Santa Claus—and thereby emphasize the New Year mood. If, at the same time, the discount for a sweet, healthy product is indicated on the package legibly, then your product will not lie on the shelf of the store.
The importance of packaging design for successful sales

The graphic design of the package plays a huge role in shaping the appearance of the product. Color solutions will help to distinguish the product from competitive analogues, and a clear phrase under the brand name, printed in a legible font, will allow the buyer to find out the maximum information. For example, a jar with pineapple circles should contain exactly these words—pineapple and circles so that the buyer does not try to find a description of the product appearance on the label, because the merging yellow cubes of exotic fruits on the jar do not give a complete picture.

The development of a correct and competitive packaging design is usually carried out by professional artist designers who are well aware of the trends and criteria of this process. Promotion of goods on the Internet requires slightly different design solutions than for products displayed in supermarkets, because the perception of colors, font, and information is also slightly different.