Logobook and brand book: what is their difference?

Branding is the basis of the activities of any company that seeks to gain the attention of a wide audience. It is impossible to imagine the promotion of goods and services without two effective tools—a brand book and a logobook. Each of them plays a role in the development of the company and its image.

Brand book or how to present a brand to a buyer

brand book is an official document that reflects the concept of a firm or organization. This book necessarily includes mission, philosophy, that is, the essence of the brand and the purpose of its existence. A brand book or “passport” of a brand provides all the necessary data for drawing up a plan for promotion and its popularization. This plan is guided by advertising specialists, marketers, as well as employees and the company’s management.

A distinctive feature of the brand book:

  • Designation of a long-term brand development perspective.
  • Determination of a competitive environment.
  • Compilation of corporate identity with all the necessary rules. Corporate and advertising media are being created.
  • Indication of legal aspects for a brand promotion. An indication of copyright and related rights, the presence of a patented trademark, the origin of the goods.

Logobook is the corporate identity of your brand.

Logobook focuses on the logo. The document includes description, terms of use, size, color, and other characteristics of the trademark. Based on the proposed information, the specialist can provide recommendations regarding the placement of the logo. The logobook is often called the creative “wrapper” of the brand and its corporate identity.

A distinctive feature of the logobook and brand book

  1. Brand book is a comprehensive description of the brand from A to Z. This document more succinctly demonstrates the value of the brand and it can be used by the top management of the company. Corporate identity standards determine the future of the brand, its strategy and plans.
  2. Logobook is a narrower direction that is included in the brand book of the company. There is no indication of strategically important information, but it is about the brand trademark. Information is available to a wide range of people and it can be sent to the marketing department for revision.
  3. The logobook is used to create the corporate identity of the enterprise, so designers, printing houses, and outdoor advertising manufacturers work on it.
  4. Logobook is the visual standard of the brand, with the construction of a number of components:
  • Company’s logo, slogan, house color , font.
  • The corporate character that appears in advertisements, in outdoor advertising, on products.
  • Logo playback options: music, voice, presentation, etc.
  • Logo layout and proportions.

As can be noted above, the brand book and logo are equally valuable for the brand and its further development. The company should pay attention to each element with continuous improvement.