My name is Marina, I am 25 years old, and I am from a family of emigrants. My family has been living in the Czech Republic for 15 years. When I arrived in the Czech Republic, I was 10. I graduated from school and institute, but always attracted to something creative. I don’t know how to draw or sing, but to make bouquets—yes. And I decided to open a flower shop. From the idea of creating a shop to the idea of creating my own brand. 

Floristics is a special thing. I wanted the logo to convey the smell of fresh flowers and the aroma of herbs, so that business cards that will be in the bouquets are memorable, and that the buyer shares our information with his/her friends.
It seemed to me that only a small design studio, a craft one, where there is an individual approach to the customer and there is no big red tape with placing an order, can develop a brand for a floristry shop. And I also did not really understand how to make an order. So, I only know that I am opening a flower shop and I need advertising. What is included in the advertising package, I also did not know yet—I'm a beginner businesswoman.

Logo, business card, and sign-board on the shop—this is all the information. However, the guys from the design studio, which I turned to, proposed to expand this list for the same money.

These included: branded packaging of bouquets, packages for flowers in glass, for example, an information banner for placement inside or anywhere (it can be printed at any size), if, for example, we trade at a fair, such a banner can be put on a tension stand—this is very attracts customers and they remember us. Unique discount card and the client’s card.

So, I got a lot more than I ordered. Of course, I am satisfied! Everything is decorated perfectly! Violet shade of all our products, quality paper, well-transmitted color. As a woman and an esthete, I, first of all, pay attention to appearance, attractiveness and hardly think about the legal side of the issue when designing my brand. However, the design studio enlightened me that the logo should consist only of letters developed individually; otherwise, there will be many problems with copyrights. How lucky I am with my designer! This is not only what I wanted, it is also protected by law. I was given files and a font design that only I can use. 

The design studio understood my idea and it was able to clearly formulate the design—a brand package for my flower shop.