Graphic design = success in social networks. Is it really?
Social networks have filled the world, and now, it is impossible to imagine a day without scrolling pages and finding useful, fascinating information. Such a platform attracts business attention, whether it is selling cosmetics or legal services. The central role here is played by a particularly effective tool called “graphic design”. What benefits does it have for business?
The answer is simple! The business sphere and the services of a designer in the age of advertising cannot exist separately. It is much easier to convince the buyer to go to the page, not to mention reading and buying with bright and moving pictures. Creativity and a business machine as a whole create a valuable product that will be held in the minds of the target audience. Simply put, either you can sweet-talk a person, or he/she will leave and, most likely, will not come back to you. Don’t panic! For this, there is a geographical and motion design.
We are convincing

Social networks are online communication where communication takes place visually. It so happened that the picture is perceived better than a well-composed text, and best of all—their combination. The colors, shapes, texture, and “goodies” of the design determine the future customer loyalty. The need for a product can be born exactly at the moment when a person sees a banner due to the promotion for which you spent $10.
Properly built graphic design is a real art that seeks a common language between the manufacturer of these goods/services and their consumer.
What should be done? It is necessary to adapt to a specific audience and calculate its features: profession, age, possibly gender, foreigners or “ours”, humor or a semantically deep phrase with benefit, etc.
How does animation help business in social networks?

According to marketers, video content, or rather, short cuts with effects more actively engage the viewer in the topic. All this thanks to the sound and the “bright” picture. Motion design carries the brand’s history and its value. Here you can promote the product, talk about events. The main essence of animation is to evoke emotions, so it is actively implemented in posts, stories, websites, and blogs.

Motion design helps to better structure information and to highlight the main advantages that competitors may not have. A person does not get bored, he/she understands the meaning—what could be better for getting to know your brand?