If you are a business owner, then you perfectly understand the role of design in the development of your company: it is by brand logos or specific packaging that your potential customers will recognize your products. The expansion of any business project in Europe is impossible without a special graphic design of a product or service, and the development of such a design is the main task of our design agency in Prague.

Corporate identity: what is it and why is it needed?

Do you want more people to know about your products or services?
The marketing strategic plan necessarily includes designing a recognizable corporate identity—first of all, the company’s logo. It doesn’t matter what level and focus your business has—any company should have a logo. Professional designers will provide several options for effective designations of your company—you just have to choose your favorite.

Brand, corporate identity—this concept usually means the logo itself, the color scheme of the design, the special type of letters (font), pattern (mascot), slogan, etc. An example is business monsters such as McDonald’s or Coca-Cola: you will immediately recognize the bright colors of these companies, even if there is no name, and the Apple brand name—a half-eaten apple—is probably familiar to any inhabitant of our planet. Packaging. If you are producing goods, it is extremely important to consider the packaging design for your delicious cakes or gourmet dishes. Typically, the design contains the basic elements of a corporate identity: color scheme, logo, symbol, and slogan. It is not necessary to put all brand-style details on the package, but remember that package is part of the advertising campaign: people will learn about you through a regular box or bag. Small business promotion

Owners of service companies also need to take care of the graphic design of their business. For example, the owner of a hairdressing salon will attract much more customers if catchy, beautiful drawings, a memorable slogan, a corporate photo of an elegant hairstyle, etc. are present on a sign-board, business cards, and advertising materials. Unquestionably, all individuals who engage in any activity with the goal of making a profit are very interested in finding customers. Whether you cook jams for sale, repair apartments, or hold holiday events, small businesses should advertise themselves. Our design agency that will take on the development of corporate identity, catchy funny or serious characters, slogans and colors will help you in this. Various promotional materials—booklets, business cards, flyers, etc.—will contain recognizable design details, and then grateful buyers or customers will immediately find you among competitors. Surely you produce wonderful goods or perfectly provide the services people need, but the circle of consumers will grow several times immediately after the introduction of the corporate identity. This step will help you to work more successfully, to find more and more customers, to expand your business, and to get more impressive profits.